well, i thought i was so smart detouring around the “traditional” POS and going straight to the cutting edge. it’s working, sortof. i knew we would be facing an uphill battle and it is. some employees are fighting against it. the system is still getting the bugs worked out. every time we get an “update” from our programmer, it’s like taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. the update today helped some but suddenly the ipods wouldn’t print a bill. but it is much better than it was 2 weeks ago, and can only assume in 2 more weeks we’ll be even further along. the new ipods all have gps tracking in them in case they get “lost” or stolen. i’m not sure how it would work, i guess i would gather a few big guys and drive over to the location of the ipod and knock on the door and ask for it. hmmm. last night one of the servers “set her ipod down” (she guesses) and when she went to look for it, GONE. it was one without tracking, of course. this had me highly depressed all day.
on a brighter note, a farmer came by and is going to sell us his tomatoes which will save us a good deal every week. maybe even enough to buy a new ipod in a couple weeks….
tonight i got to work to a disaster zone. pies were taking 45, 50 minutes to get to the tables. takeouts were taking an hour or more. after 8 years i still cannot understand why they don’t just dial me up. i could have been there an hour earlier and saved all the grief and unhappy customers. i tell them over and over to call me. i tell them if i get there and the rush is passed i won’t be mad but happy. i tell them if it is getting crazy just get me there. “we kept thinking you would walk in any minute…” sigh.

then, in the middle of the chaos, a deep dish gets taken to the wrong table and they eat it. now the table that ordered it has to wait for another one and they had already waited an HOUR!. i swear i lost it. i can’t believe that when these hour long pizzas come out that someone can carelessly take them to the wrong place. what’s wrong with my restaurant? what is my problem? we are going to get killed next week during graduation at this rate.

anyway- if you consider the stress of the new POS, the constant trying to convince employees about the benefits and the reasons we need to do it… add the stress of the devices not working properly, or more often than not the “user error…” that always comes with something as new and complex as this… then think about the stress of 16 hour days, late nights, returns of stuff i don’t need, trying to get stuff i do need…. and then the working on my weekends… add up all those stresses, and the rental house i’m working on cleaning and fixing up, and the pool pump that i’ve been trying for 10 days to fix… do the math and it all = internal combustion.

it’s nearly midnight and i’m getting up with the kids to get them off for school. thursday is my day… hoorah!

do i have any new photos for you?…….

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  1. Lorena says:

    Delurking (I don’t usually comment, though I avidly read every post) to say that I was there late last week and thought the ordering-with-the-iPod-thing went very smoothly! Sure, it was new and there will probably be weeks of bugs to work out; but when you’re at Satchel’s, who cares if it takes longer? The beer is cold, there’s always something to look at, the company is great, and you know when the food does come out that it’s going to be top-notch.

    Everybody has their off-days, the days when nothing seems to go right; everything takes ten minutes longer or weighs ten pounds heavier or is just that little bit more frustrating than it needs to be. I guess I’m just saying… hang in there! Even on the worst day you might have, there are people who love what you’re doing.

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